Let’s Get Down to Business or Drawing at Least!

So last week I mentioned how if I was to get anything done I needed to create a schedule. You can read about that here, and to be honest, the next step was and is a bit of stepping into the great unknown. Unknown on several fronts, very few know me, know my work and I, in turn, know very little about making my artwork into anything like a business.

So if in doubt ask! It is a major bugbear of mine that celebrities or successful people who have a profile, when they get questions like “What advice would you give?” or “How would you become X,Y, Z?”, they trot out the generic “You’ve got to try really hard!” type response. It’s not helpful in the slightest. Whether it’s because they simply don’t know what led to their success or more cynically just a blatant act of self-protection, it does nothing to support other people wanting to get their work out there. No one’s asking for their agent’s number, a 10% cut of their future profits, or anything close, but being pointed in the right direction with specific places to venture on the way would be nice.

So I sent an email to someone I had followed for a while on YouTube and hoped for the best…

What I got in response was more than I could possibly hope. Instead of simply answering my questions he chose to make a video of it, showcasing my work and giving me some sound advice on what to do next. If you’re passionate about a task you’re not bothered about the work as really it doesn’t feel like tedious work. I can’t thank Comics by Perch channel enough for going out of their way to help and feature my initial artwork for my Chicken Grit comic. If you like comics or want to embark on your own comic book journey give hit the subscribe!

His advice led to a load more brainstorming, note-making, and planning but like a mountaineer trekking up an intimidating peek, the hard steps felt worthwhile. I ordered some business cards too, not because I can use them yet (Covid has put pay to that for the moment), but instead it was a statement of intent, a stone on a cairn helping mark the route to the eventual summit.

Until next week, keep drawing and keep climbing towards your peak!





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