Ducks Lined Up in a Row

So last week we talked all about those projects that we want to do, but never are able to. I hope last week’s post let you know you were not alone in this, and now the nettle has been fully grasped how should we go about getting the job done without it stinging?

My simple answer for this is a bit dry, but in order to know what to to aim at you really need to know what the target is. There’s no point simply aiming you could hit anything, everything, or nothing – all with the same chance of success. Instead what is needed is a plan, and in the words of Black Adder’s Baldrick ‘I have a cunning plan!’

The first thing I did was create a hierarchy of projects, essentially which project will I get done first. I have two solid projects Chicken Grit my graphic novel and my children’s novel Owen and The Sky Giants (I’m still working on the name as Owen is desperately short of a surname!) I then have an idea of a card game that I’d like to make, but that is very much an idea at this stage. With a good chunk of Chicken Grit being drawn, and Owen and the Sky Giants needing another draft and then illustrations it clearly puts my comic first, novel second, and card game last.

Owen and the Sky Giants is coming, just another 30 illustrations to go!

So knowing what order you want to attack your projects, you have to work out just what it is you are trying to achieve. What does achievement even look like? Really think about that; it’s intensely personal. I struggled with this for a long time and if you read my last post, it was one of those nagging questions that prevented me from getting going. It takes time to work out and the answer is not easily found without a good deal of soul searching.

For me I want to turn an idea into a physical product, something you can hold, order, and crucially is comparable with others in the field in terms of quality. I want to develop a following for my books so that others have something enjoyable to read and that when I’m old and grey (or older and greyer!) I have a good story to tell. If one person buys it that will be enough, but hopefully, there’ll be a few more than that!

By creating a schedule I’m able to give myself time, while at the same time offer something new and interesting about my work, what schedule would help give you some time?

So now you know what you’ll do, why you’ll do it, the last real question is how? How do you find a time when you have a regular job, a wife, a family? Just like cement I’ve found myself fitting tasks in between the cracks – the early mornings, the late nights. Doing something is better than nothing and as long as I find time, its better than no time being spent on them! I’m in for the long haul which is good as there’s not a quick remedy for drawing the hundreds of pictures needed!

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