Who is Chicken Grit?

It’s only looking back that you can see just how fortunate you were. In the 80s there was a wealth of great cartoons, action figures and comics. At the time (especially as a child) you accept it as the norm, but now in my 40s and a dad I realise that it certainly was not the norm to have wave after wave of great pop culture: He – Man, Thundercats, G. I Joe, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Dungeons and Dragons; the list goes on and on…

Why is any of this important to my graphic novel project, Chicken Grit and the Mutant Furies? Well in part the comic is my love letter to those shows, and the influences they have all had on my own art style and story telling. It’s because of those influences that I wanted to draw as a kid and why now I want to add my own story into the mix.

So who is Chicken Grit? Chicken Grit is the super powered protagonist of the story and the unlikely leader of the Mutant Furies, a rag tag bunch of mutants tasked with the mission of taking down the nefarious organisation – Wolf Corp.

You’ll notice that the pages of Chicken Grit are black and white and that is very much a conscious choice – in fact there’s two reasons.

Firstly, some of you will know I’m colourblind and while I can see some colours, for the longest time I only drew in black and white as there was less chance to go wrong (It was only when I moved over to digital and my wife was able to label the colour palette in Procreate that I truly started to enjoy using colour!) so drawing in black and white gives me that cozy feeling, like when you sit down with a piece of toast and a cup of tea and don’t have to go anywhere. I’m going to be drawing a lot of pages to complete the comic, so the more times I get that feeling the better!

Secondly, the black and white suits the tone of the narrative. There’s no getting away from it, at times the story will be dark – characters will die so I want those parts to feel serious. There’ll be splashes of colour now and again and just like when you watch the Wizard of Oz for the first time, I want it to feel important and a ‘Wow’ moment when I do use colour.

Finally who is Chicken Grit for? Well if you’re old enough to remember those 80s cartoons I referenced earlier, then it will definitely make you smile, but this is also for the children of the ‘40 something’ mums and dads, who haven’t found ‘their’ story yet. I hope they stumble on the story of Chicken Grit and the Mutant Furies  in the same way I did with Spider-Man or the stories of the X men – then who knows, they might want to make their own comics further down the line!

One things for sure, it will take time to complete – this is definitely marathon not sprint territory, so I’d love you to come along for the journey. My earlier post talked about how to make your own comics and it would be great to get your feedback as I continue to develop this project.

I regularly post progress shots over on my Instagram page and it’d be really great to hear what you think of the character design so far. Do you like the back and white style? It’d be great to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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