How Drawn to Wrestling Started!

I love the essence of Wrestling. Growing up in the 80s and 90s I was blessed to see two boom periods in the business. If you lived in the UK as a Kid in the 80s the WWE was inescapable. I had every Hasbro (and God I wished I had them now!) and every VHS and DVD that I could lay my hands on. Come the attitude era I was entrenched in my love of wrestling. I went to watch PPVS and when I became a dad watching wrestling and sharing this love was a real joy.

Sadly though something in wrestling changed. Kayfabe (keeping the inner workings of prowrestling secret from the public) was broken and the hotshot booking of the late 90s meant there was no such thing as faces and heels (wrestling terminology for heroes and villains) and my love dwindled. If you’ve read my Kickass English posts you’ll know I’m an English teacher so the idea that wrestling fans, wrestlers themselves were fine with no

For me a lot of modern wrestling is gymnastics in a ring. Sure it’s athletic, but so is gymnastics – It’s not wrestling in the same sense I grew up with. WWE, all bar the very top of the card seems bland and lacking in true characters while AEW is all sorts of bonkers flying across my screen with no rules being followed whatsoever! I like the idea of good versus evil in stories and liked the pantomime of booing the villains and if you don’t have rules in matches how can you object to them being broken?

All this led me to drawing classic wrestlers in the hope of making a card game I could play with my children as the WWE 2K game was truly terrible that year. I posted the pics online and kaboom, I got several requests to draw wrestlers for other people! It was the first time I had been paid for my work, but it had led to other projects too, a wrestling fan got in touch and asked me to draw his pet which then led to more people requesting my work drawing their dogs! I am currently doing work for a few other websites, as well as one off comission pieces (starting as low as £10 I might add!) and all this has allowed me to find some current wrestling that  still reflects elements I like in wrestling such as Ring of Honor, MLW wrestling.

The card game is still rumbling in the background and I’ll have more on that soon, although ironically that has changed from the ‘traditional’ idea of a wrestling card game! Wrestling has been the one thing (although I am sure others would argue there are more!) that continued with me into being an adult, past the phase of a childish fad, bordering on an obsession at times, but also being an inexplicable love. Weirdly very similar to my love of drawing. As the site grows I will be posting news on my wrestling artwork, comissions and my bewilderment at the state of modern wrestling!


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